Opening Hours
  • 10:00am ~ 5:50pm From Monday to Sunday
  • The museum will be closed on January 1st , Lunar New Year’s Day(Feb. 1, 2022), Korean Thanksgiving Day(Sep. 10, 2022) and Others (Days deemed necessary by Director General of the Museum).
  • Monday through Sunday
Opening Hours
Session Time Online reservation On-site ticketing
1st Session 10:00~11:50 120 -
2nd Session 12:00~13:20 120 -
3rd Session 13:30~14:50 120 -
4th Session 15:00~16:20 120 -
5th Session 16:30~17:50 120 -
Admission Fee
  • Everyone must reserve free admission tickets online
  • Visitors are required to make reservations online prior to arrival(Telephone reservations will not be accepted). On-site ticketing is not available.
  • Reservation is available from 00:00, 14 days before the visiting day. Reservation for the same day is not available from 00:00 to 00:30.
  • Up to 4 people can enter per reservation, and reservation can only be made once a day.
  • If you are not entering for 30 minutes, the ticket will be automatically cancelled.
    (* Cancelled tickets will be available for on-day reservation.)
  • Reservation is available until 50 minutes after the start of each session.
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Mobile ticket holders are admitted by scanning the QR code at the entrance of the Children’s Museum.


  • The main target group of the Children’s Museum is children aged 5-8.
  • Children under 5 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult caregiver at all times.


  • Please use the lockers installed in the waiting room for the storage of personal belongings.
  • The lockers are available for use only for the duration of each session on the day (1 hour and 20 minutes). All personal belongings stored must be removed after the end of each session.
  • Make sure to carry valuables (including wallet) with you at all times. The Children’s Museum shall not be held liable for any missing valuables.

Photo Policy

  • Children’s Museum permits non-commercial photography without flash in all areas of the museum.
  • Publication, broadcast or other distributions and commercial uses are prohibited without permission from the museum.

Food in the Lunch Lounge

  • Food is not allowed in the galleries.
  • Food must only be consumed in the Lunch Lounge.
  • The Lunch Lounge is only for eating the food you brought (no food delivery allowed).
  • Please don’t use the Lunch Lounge for other purposes such as studying.