Wisdom of the Past

What did people wear in the past?


Learn about the wisdom that the people of the past lived by. .


People from all different time periods, from prehistoric times until today, have always had to overcome various difficulties in order to improve their lives. By learning how to overcome problems in life, people develop wisdom that they can share with future generations. For example, before people knew how to grow food, they used their wisdom to create different types of tools for hunting. They learned to measure length, weight, and volume with great precision, which allowed them to make trades with other people. They discovered how to calculate distance and direction, so that they could travel freely without getting lost. They invented written letters, so that they could record their wisdom and communicate with one another. In this section, you can enjoy many activities related to stories, including hunting with a hawk, drawing a map, weighing things on a scale, and writing in a diary with hieroglyphics. Let’s see how the people of the past used their wisdom to overcome problems and improve their lives..