Beautiful Colorful Clothes

What did people wear in the past?

Take a close look at various types of clothing decorations and try on some traditional Korean clothes (even a gold crown). How were the clothes of the past different from the clothes you wear today?


Experience the types of clothing and accessories worn by people of the past, including various styles of Korean traditional clothes, jewelry, and gold crowns.


Along with food and houses, clothing is one of life’s necessities that can help us understand the people of the past. People wear clothes for various reasons: to cover their bodies, keep themselves warm, and show their fashion sense. By studying fashion trends of the past and learning how people used to make their clothing, we can better understand their thoughts, manners, and society. From ancient times through the Joseon period, people of the past wore various types of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and rings, which can teach us about their standards for beauty. We can also learn how the people of the past dressed by looking at artwork from different times, such as mural paintings in tombs from the Goguryeo period and portraits of people from the Joseon Dynasty. Visit this section to try on clothing and gold crowns from the Three Kingdoms Period, and get a close-up look at other clothing and accessories of the past.