Children’s Museum is?

Enjoy together with all family members.- Children and adults can enjoy together./ See and learn new about past and present through exhibits - Children can learn about our ancestors’ way of life in ancient times by comparing it with their own modern way of life. / Think about it. It’s a lot of fun. - A place where children can think about the cultural heritage left by our ancestors and satisfy their curiosity. / Our culture is excellent. - Children can experience the history of Korea and the excellence and uniqueness of our culture by themselves.

The Children’s Museum, located within the National Museum of Korea,
is an experience-oriented museum where children can appreciate the history while playing games as
they see with their own eyes, touch with their own hands, and feel with their own heart.

What is the Children’s Museum?
  • The museum exhibits reproductions of the artifacts that are on display in the permanent exhibition hall so as to enable children to actually experience artifacts through touch and gain a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage.
  • Children can observe and learn about our cultural heritage more actively through hands-on experiences, and thereby satisfy their curiosity and interest.
  • Children can learn about the way of life and wisdom of people in ancient times through experience activities linked to various experiential exhibits in a more interesting way.
Purpose of the establishment of the Children’s Museum
  • A cultural space for all the family

    The museum does its very best to provide a high quality cultural space that children can enjoy with all their family.

  • An educational and learning space where children can see and experience the nation’s cultural heritage from a new perspective

    The museum will provide educational experiences that allow children to observe and experience cultural artifacts by themselves and develop their interest.

  • A place where children can think about our culture

    The museum will do its best to provide a ‘thinking’ venue where children can contemplate our traditional culture and find the answers by themselves.

  • A place where children can take pride in our culture

    The museum will do its best to foster children’s pride in our cultural heritage and promote a better understanding of our culture.