Overview The Donated Works section displays treasures that have been generously donated to
the museum by individual collectors, including exquisite examples of painting,
ceramics, sculpture, lacquer ware, metal arts, tiles, and more.

Exhibition Scale 2,844.62㎡

  • Lee Hong-kun Gallery Lee Hong-kun Gallery
  • Individual Donations Individual Donations
  • Kim Chong-hak Gallery Kim Chong-hak Gallery
  • Yu kang-yul Gallery Yu kang-yul Gallery
  • Park Young-sook Gallery Park Young-sook Gallery
  • Choi Youngdo Gallery Choi Youngdo Gallery
  • Park Byoung-rae Gallery Park Byoung-rae Gallery
  • Kaneko Kazushige Gallery Kaneko Kazushige Gallery
  • Yoo Chang-jong Gallery Yoo Chang-jong Gallery
  • Kaneko Kazushige Gallery Hachiuma Tadasu Gallery
  • Iuhchi Isao Gallery Iuhchi Isao Gallery