Current Exhibitions

Overview The Prehistory and Ancient History section displays artifacts that represent some of the
earliest evidence of Korean civilization and culture, from stone tools of the Paleolithic
age to gold jewelry of the Silla Kingdom to stone monoliths of the Balhae era, with each
room documenting those aspects which uniquely defined each of Korea’s different
periods of ancient history.

Exhibition Scale 3,234.00㎡

  • Paleolithic Period Paleolithic Period
  • Neolithic Period Neolithic Period
  • Bronze Age/Gojoseon Period Bronze Age/
    Gojoseon Period
  • Buyeo Kingdom/Samhan Period Buyeo Kingdom/
    Samhan Period
  • Goguryeo Kingdom Goguryeo Kingdom
  • Baekje Kingdom Baekje Kingdom
  • Gaya Confederacy Gaya Confederacy
  • Silla Kingdom Silla Kingdom
  • Unified Silla Period Unified Silla Period
  • Balhae Kingdom Balhae Kingdom