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100 Highlights

100 Highlights

  • ISBN978-89-7059-566-5
  • AuthorNational Museum of Korea
  • PublisherAhn Graphics
  • Publication Date2006-8-31
  • Dimensions
  • Format263 pages
  • Price25,000 won

The 100 Highlights exhibits one hundred selected artifacts of the NMK collection that date to diverse periods from the Paleolithic Age to the early 20th century. The artifacts of choice with unmatched historical significance and artistic value include 35 pieces of National Treasure of Korea and 18 pieces of Treasure of Korea as well as 13 relics from abroad – five from China, two from the Central Asia, etc. Each artifact carries Korean and English descriptions. This catalog is formatted into six themes of ‘Prehistory and Ancient History,’ ‘Medieval and Early Modern History,’ ‘Calligraphy and Painting,’ ‘Sculpture and Crafts,’ ‘Donations’ and ‘Asia,’ following the flow of physical exhibition of the museum.


*revised edition in 2011

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