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[Education program for kindergarten] Children Orchestra
  • Time : Every Thursday, 10:30-12:00
  • Programs Details : Get to know Korean traditional musical instruments by making and playing musical instrument.
  • How to apply : Online.
[Education program for kindergarten] Hide-and-seek in the old paintings
  • Time : Every Tuesday, 10:30-12:00
  • Programs Details : Children will paly hide-and-seek at the children’s exhibition hall to find animals and plants in the old paintings, and learn what they found.
  • How to apply : Online. (at 30 minutes before the program)
[Education program on weekday school groups program] Mysterious world of Goryeo celadon
  • Time : every Wednesday and Friday, 10:00~11:40(October 22 to December 5)
  • Programs Details : Students can get to know life and overseas trade in Goryeo period by studying Goryeo Celadon.
  • How to apply : Online.
  • * This program is only for( elementary school) class.

* Educational programs are provided in Korean only.

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