Weapons and Warriors

What was it like to be an ancient warrior?

See the fearsome weapons and tough armor that warriors once used in their battles, and explore the lives of the castle guards. How did the weapons change over time? Why do wars have to happen?

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Learn how Korean society was influenced by war and conflict, and share wisdom about eliminating war and living in a world of peace.


With the invention and development of farming, people began to settle in villages. As these villages grew, they eventually came into conflict with one another, leading to wars. Throughout history, war has been one of the defining factors that shapes a society. In Korea, war became more common after the Bronze Age, as excavations of ancient villages from that time have revealed that people began to build walls and fences for defense. Historical weapons and other artifacts related to war can help us understand the conflicts of the past, as well as how people tried to resolve those conflicts and live peacefully. Today, we can talk about the tragedy and absurdity of war, and think wisely about how to avoid war in the future. Let’s compare our world today with the world of the past, when the danger of war was always lurking. Activities in this section include stacking stones to make a fortress, putting decorations and accessories on a horse, practicing moves from Taekgyeon (traditional martial arts), and putting together puzzles of weapons.