Management System

The NMK has introduced the following equipment to conserve its cultural assets and create a cheerful atmosphere.
  • Facility Management System(FMS)
    This system manages the facility with a standardized DB on the major equipment and cutting-edge IT technology. The FMS extends the museum's life span and also economizes the management’s expenditures.
  • Natural Lighting System for the Path to History
    A remarkable reflecting mirror is used to illuminate the Path to History with natural light. The mirror is electronically controlled to coordinate with the exact measurements of the sun's location, 365 days a year. The prismatic glass blocks harmful UV rays and radiation, permitting only visible light to pass, flooding the area with abundant natural light.
  • Early Warning Smoke Detection System
    This efficient system continually draws air into a pipe network located in the exhibition and storage areas. A detection system uses lasers to measure and analyze the air, providing the earliest possible warning of an imminent fire hazard.
  • Air Quality Monitoring System
    This system measures the concentration of yellow dust and other pollutants in the air around the museum, and regulates the air coming through the air conditioner to maintain excellent air quality throughout the museum.
  • Process and Mechanical Automation System
    This system continually monitors and records the maximum permissible limit of the differential settlement, displacement, and transformation of the museum’s main structures to assess the stability of the buildings.
  • Leak Detection System
    This system is for early detection of leakage, dew condensation, and flood damage in the museum's storage areas.